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20cm - Ultra PCIe 4.0 X16 Riser Cable Extreme - Dual Reverse Angle

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*The ITX cables were tested with NVIDIA RTX 3080 & AMD RX 6800 to run without issue.

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Extreme High Speed 2021 Newly revised PCIe 4.0. No BSOD, or WUE / WHEA Error free. Designed for ITX cases with NVIDIA GPUs & AMD 6000 series GPU. LINKUP Riser Cables feature technology used Extreme High-Speed wires that are tested to reach speeds of 160GB/s for the sum of all x16 channels. LINKUP PCIE 4.0 compatible riser cables = Untouched in their class

Improved ShieldingIndividual PCIE laneway shielding blocks unwanted interference to improve signal strength at longer distances.

Pure FrequencyDesigned to match PCIE impedance differential of 85 ohms—signals traveling between the motherboard and the GPU are matched at the proper frequency without added capacitors that can fail.

Dynamic DesignImproved flexible design allows for more folds and aggressively angled orientations while maintaining airflow to keep temperatures low.

Quality Craftsmanship Hand-soldered 4-layer PCB with gold-plating for best signal and product life.

Robust ConstructionDesigned with heavy-duty junctions at PCB/cable junctions for improved durability.

LINKUP CaresEvery cable is tested before shipping and backed by a LINKUP 1-Year Limited Warranty and premium online support.

- For ITX cases with NVIDIA & AMD 6000 series GPUs. 2021 Newly revised PCIe 4.0. No BSOD, or WUE / WHEA Error free. Fully tested on RTX3090, RTX3080 & RX6800 in ITX cases with over 20 GB/s bandwidth. ***Special Note: Tested with mini-ITX MB + NVIDIA RTX3090, RTX3080 & AMD RX6800, recommended with mini-ITX MB + NVIDIA GPUs and AMD 6000 series GPU.

- Screws are not recommended for the riser cable. Some cases may have mis-align screw holes and may cause the GPU to be off alignment when installed, causing damage to the GPU and the system. Please install the riser cable onto the GPU first before securing the GPU with I/O bracket mount.

- Over 64GB/s (bi-directional) true PCIe 4.0 performance riser via rare shielded extreme high speed wires and dedicated power lines for lossless signals at range. Re-engineered wires and connectors for PCIe 4.0 85ohm applications for GPUs, M.2 NVMe SSD. Quality hand soldered gold-plated contacts for signal integrity.

- Unique individual laneway shielding prevents external EMI/RFI and interference between channels. Sectional design allows air ventilation and lowers working temperatures for better overall system performance.

- Backed by LINKUP Limited 1-Year Warranty and complimentary Premium Online Support. *Overclock is not recommended and may cause system instability.

1-Year Warranty and Premium Support

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    Works Great! Highly Recommended

    Posted by Brandon on Feb 10th 2021

    I have a Formd T1 case and an RX 6800. I have custom water cooling and it was a giant pain whenever I updated the bios to need to swap out to a different GPU and go in and change the bios settings so the 6800 could boot. I found this riser and got it, installed it, and everything has worked fine ever since with PCIE 4.0. For the FormD T1 specifically, the original riser is 18cm and I ordered the 20cm LinkUp cable, the 2cm made it tough to fit beacuse this cable is very rigid due to extra shielding. I had to make a fold to get the bottom panel to close. I'd recommend the 18cm version instead if you have that case.

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