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SATA Cable (3-Pack) High-Speed SATA III 6GB/s Straight/Straight HDD SSD Connector Adapter - 38 inch

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LINKUP SATA 3 Cables connect motherboard / mainboards and host controllers to internal Serial ATA (SATA) drives such as SSDs and disc / DVD drives. Quickly upgrade and expand your storage capacity with High-Speed SATA III at 6Gb/s ! *Does not provide power to hard drive, power cable from PSU maybe be required (for 3.5” inch and disc drives). SATA Gen 3 provides speeds up to 6Gbps. That’s 2x faster than SATA II (gen 2). Speed is limited by slowest attached device. Please ensure your equipment is SATA III and supports SATA Gen3 (please check your specs). Backward compatible with SATA 2 (Gen 2, SATA II) and SATA 1 (Gen 1, SATA I). 3 Piece combo Pack is cost effective and for upgrades, expansion and RAID configurations. 24K 50μm gold-plated and shielded cables for best loss-less signals free from EMI/EFI interference. Secure Lock ensures connections remain strong. Backed by a LINKUP 1-year warranty and premium online support.

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