LINKUP NEWS: Premium  Right Angled PCIE 16x Riser Cables

LINKUP NEWS: Premium Right Angled PCIE 16x Riser Cables

Time to rev up your transmission speed with Linkup’s latest release: the PCIE 16X Right Angled Riser Cable. With lengths ranging from 10cm to 100cm, we have all your system customization needs covered.


Our Premium PCIe 16X Riser Cables feature single-layer sectional Twinaxial cables that can support transmission speeds up to 64GB/s per card.

Our customer base has diverse system needs so we’ve designed our riser cable accordingly. This cable can be extended up to 2 meters with no performance loss.

And of course, this latest launch is prepared for tomorrow: Our PCIE 16X Riser cable are 4.0 ready. As cable technology rapidly advances, our riser cable has the future in mind.


We’ve heard it before: It’s too good to be true, isn’t it? How can you maintain high performance over 2 meters of extension?!

The answer might not be all that surprising: we prioritize quality, respect stringent testing methods, and don’t compromise on material at any point in the production process.

We maintain our maximum transmission speeds via twinaxial wiring technology and individual EMI/EFI shielding for each lane.


As technological advances amplify your system’s ability to sense, collect, and transmit substantial quantities of data, making poor choice on a very simple PCIE upgrade can exponentially impact your system performance. If you’re reading this, it means you do your research. We’re guessing that you’ve already invested in high-quality components for your system. Why compromise the integrity of those components with a low-grade cable that can hinder performance (at best), or lead to system failure (at worst)?

With Linkup, you know you’re getting into quality. All of our cables are rigorously tested before release. We back this up with our 1-year limited warranty and complementary online support if necessary.


Now! It’s available now. Why wait?


Purchase here at or our website.

Aug 10th 2018

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